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Pros and Cons of a Wood Shake Roof

There’s a certain natural appeal to a wooden shake roof that makes it a popular choice for many homeowners even during a time when better alternatives, such as slate and metal roofing, are available. Some high-end homes even prefer its rustic look to complement homes with country-style architecture. For all its visual advantages, they are…

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Mythbusting Common Metal Roof Beliefs

The use of metal roofing systems have spread from industrial facilities to residential construction. Metal’s popularity is thanks in large part to its strength and durability. Today, you can find metal roofing shingles that have the same appeal as the best-looking asphalt and slate shingles and outperform concrete tiles and wood shakes in terms of…

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Finding Roofers Before You Need a Roof Replacement

Roof replacements are one of the biggest home improvement projects you can do. It’s even more complicated for certain types of roofs This means it’s important to find trustworthy and reliable contractors to help you see this job to completion.

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Dealing With Hail-Damaged Roofing

Hail and Minneapolis go together like sunshine and Florida. In fact, there have been eight hail storms reported in the state in 2019 so far. This means homeowners (and roofing professionals) must always be wary of hail damage on roofing systems. Unfortunately, this type of problem is hardly visible and can remain undetectable for a…

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Factors to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels on the Roof

The recent rise in demand for metal roofing is a sign that a growing number of homeowners are looking for greener home solutions. One solution is a roof-mounted solar energy system. The photovoltaic (PV) cells in a solar panel convert light and heat energy from the sun into usable electricity for your home. The additional…

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Can You Use Metal for Commercial Flat Roofing Systems?

While it’s common for residential structures to have pitched roofing systems, commercial properties are typically built with “flat roofs”. Firstly, these types of roofs are not actually flat. They’re built at a very low angle to comply with national building codes. Secondly, they are the better commercial choice simply because they are easier to maintain…

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Are Metal Roofs Grounded Against Lightning Strikes?

With its high durability and energy efficiency, metal has definitely earned the praise of both roofing contractors and homeowners as one of the top roofing choices of today. This versatile material can be used in a variety of different places. It’s commonly used on standalone sheds and detached garages, but it is not uncommon to…

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Understanding Roof Resistance Standard Ratings

Your roofing system is your first layer of defense against nature. Modern roof materials are designed and manufactured with fire, wind and hail resistance in mind, but many homeowners are still in the dark how these features are measured and rated.

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What Are Staggered insulation Layers?

Looking at the overall performance of your roofing system from an energy perspective, insulation plays a big and important role. Poor insulation can lead to massive heat loss during the winter and increased heat gains during the summer. As a result, your home or building will often have to consume more energy to make up…

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