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Roof Damage 101: How to Spot, Repair, and Prevent Common Roofing Issues

roof damage

While owning a home comes with amazing benefits, maintenance costs can quickly add up. In 2022, homeowners spent an average of $6,000 on maintenance and repairs. The good news is that preventing issues before they evolve can substantially reduce the amount you pay.

This is especially true for roofing problems. We’ve put together a guide on how to spot roof damage so you can fix issues ASAP. Let’s explore the key information to keep an eye out for.

Common Roofing Issues

Shingle damage is one of the most common roofing issues homeowners deal with. This can occur from sun exposure, inclement weather, or general wear and tear.

Many people make the mistake of overlooking shingle damage. The longer this issue goes unchecked, the more at risk your roof will be. For example, a roof that has many missing shingles will be much more susceptible to water damage.

Standing water is another problem you can’t neglect. While this is most common on flat roofs, it can occur on roofs of any type.

Standing water leads to issues like the growth of mold, algae, and mildew. Rot can also develop over time. In extreme cases, standing water can cause structural damage to your home.

Damaged flashing is an issue homeowners frequently encounter. Flashing seals roofs and protects against water damage. If the flashing becomes damaged, water can leak into the roof and cause additional problems.

You might also discover a leaky roof at some point. Leaks have many causes, but they often occur due to clogged gutters, missing shingles, and old age.

Some roofs only leak after experiencing heavy rain. If you notice your roof leaking at all, it’s essential to take action. Issues like these don’t resolve themselves and could evolve into something more serious.

DIY Repair and Prevention

It’s possible to handle many roof issues on your own. This is particularly true if the problem is only minor.

For instance, your roof may slightly leak after heavy storms. You can resolve this by replacing missing shingles and damaged flashing.

You can also use caulk to cover the leak’s source. In general, you can likely repair minor roofing problems with household supplies. It’s essential to remember that DIY repair doesn’t come without its risks.

It’s possible to injure yourself while repairing your roof. You could also cause additional damage to your property.

In some situations, you can end up in a worse situation than before you intervened. Only attempt a DIY repair if you have the required experience.

In contrast, residential roof damage prevention is something anyone can achieve. Regularly cleaning your gutters can also prevent water from consolidating on your roof.

Get in the habit of inspecting your roof after major storms. This will help you discern issues as soon as they arise.

When to Call a Professional

It’s essential to understand when you should call a professional. You can’t resolve every issue on your own. Listed below are some of the most notable scenarios.


Under no circumstances should you ignore roof sagging. This issue is almost always a sign of major structural damage. You can recognize it by looking for bowing in the roofline or dips in the roof’s plane.

Many cases of sagging involve damage that extends to the decking. It often doesn’t take long for sagging to have serious consequences.

Your Roof Is Old

Most roofs last for well over a decade. As they age, though, problems become more likely. If you notice issues on this list and your roof is also approaching the end of its life span, it’s recommended to call a professional.

Mold or Moss Growth

If you discover the growth of mold or moss on your roof, the problem is likely much bigger than it seems. A professional can assess this situation and determine your best course of action.

These organisms thrive in dark, damp areas within roofs and can begin growing at any time. If allowed to spread, they will eventually damage your roof’s structural integrity.

Significant Damage

Significant damage is most likely to occur after a bad storm. Your roof could be missing shingles, or a tree may have fallen on your home.

A storm could have also damaged your roof’s flashing. Regardless of how the damage happened, it’s essential to contact a professional as soon as possible. Problems like these can quickly spiral out of control.

Ice Dams

As you might expect, these generally aren’t a problem for people who live in areas with warm climates. For those who live in cold areas, ice dams are a genuine danger. These form when a home’s attic heat is enough to melt rooftop snow.

This results in water seeping underneath the roof’s shingles. Without intervention, ice dams can loosen your shingles and destroy your gutters.

The easiest way to discern ice dam formation is by looking for water trapped behind icicles. A residential roof professional can allow the water to drain appropriately.

Finding an Expert

When looking for a professional to work with, it’s essential to properly research their reputation. This provides insight into the results you’ll get.

See what past customers have to say about the company’s professionalism, timeliness, and the overall experience they had. Ask about their pricing before making your decision. This ensures you won’t encounter financial surprises.

Never work with roof repair services that aren’t licensed, bonded, and insured. Otherwise, you could be financially liable for issues outside your control.

A common scenario involves an uninsured worker injuring themselves on your property during your project. With a bit of online research, you’ll find the best option for your needs.

Handle Roof Damage Immediately

Left unchecked, roof damage can easily become an expensive issue. In some cases, it could put your family’s safety at risk. As long as you remain vigilant, you can avoid problems you may have otherwise encountered.

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