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Top Benefits of Replacing Roof Tiles

Replacing Roof Tiles

A properly installed and well-maintained roof can last for over 50 years. But sometimes, harsh winds and rain can damage your roof, causing some pieces of roof tiles to fall off or crack. It’s better to hire a competent contractor to replace the roof tiles of your house and protect it from further damage.

Here’s how replacing roof tiles can be beneficial for homeowners:

Prevents Water Damage

Cracks in the roof or missing roof tiles can cause water to seep into the house, damaging its interiors. Depending on the intensity of the leaking water, it can cause serious problems such as ruined hardwood flooring, soaking furniture, couches and carpets, destroyed electronics, warped drywall ceilings and more. Replacing roof tiles can save homeowners thousands of dollars which otherwise would be required to repair these damaged interiors.

Amplifies Property’s Value

One of the most significant benefits of replacing roof tiles is the return on investment of this project. The rate of return associated with roof tile replacement is much higher than other home remodeling projects. Some experts say homeowners can get back around 70% of the amount spent. Roof tile replacement also improves the property’s market value. It can help homeowners fetch a desirable rate in the market as potential home buyers usually prefer houses that don’t require massive investment for structural improvements.

Better Safety 

Another crucial benefit of replacing roof tiles is improved safety. Old roofs can compromise the safety and well-being of homeowners and their families as a worn-out or leaky roof becomes more vulnerable to severe weather conditions such as heavy winds, snow and rainfall. Moreover, if the roof tiles are significantly damaged, sections of the roof can collapse and may cause irreversible damage to the belongings and serious injuries to the people. Therefore, timely replacement of roof tiles provides better safety and security.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Replacing roof tiles can improve the energy efficiency of houses. Improvements in roofing materials and techniques now provide better insulation than ever before. While replacing roof tiles, the roofing contractor can suggest whether adding new roof vents or a radiant barrier can be better for your house. Roof tile replacement helps stop the heat that escapes from crevices and helps keep the energy bills down.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Apart from the obvious safety and damage prevention benefits, replacing roof tiles can help homeowners improve their curb appeal. Homeowners planning to replace the entire roof can change the complete look of their property according to the latest trends. Roofs cover a significant percentage of the exterior and are the most visible feature of a house. So, any changes in the roof tiles can enhance the overall look of a house and make it look new, exciting and fresh.

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