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Slate Roofing Services

Slate is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and dramatic appearing materials used for roofing in Minneapolis. No two pieces of slate used for shingles are alike, creating a naturally rich character to any roof. Slate is a very durable choice for roofing that can withstand variable weather conditions, lasting up to 100 years or more.

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    Why Choose Slate Roofing?

    • Known for its timeless, beautiful appearance
    • Built to last over a century
    • Typically requires little to no maintenance
    • Fire resistant and environmentally friendly

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    About Slate Roofs

    Every piece of slate extracted from a quarry will be unique, but will possess subtle differences in color and hue, adding depth and beauty to the look of the roof.

    The desired grade of slate used for roofing is S1 Grade, which means that the slate has a maximum water absorption rate of 0.25%, can withstand 575 pounds without breaking. An S1 grade slate can be expected to last 100 years or more.

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