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Providing Peace of Mind Since 1932

Chimney Rebuilding

When the structure of your chimney has been compromised beyond repair, a total or partial rebuild becomes necessary. The experts at Garlock-French will complete an evaluation of your chimney to determine whether this renovation is necessary, or if the issue can be solved using another method.

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    Signs That Your Chimney Needs Rebuilding

    • The chimney is leaning
    • There is severe spalling
    • The mortar joints have deteriorated

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    Don't Procrastinate on Chimney Rebuilding

    A deteriorating chimney can cause more problems than just an unsightly mess. Failed bricks and mortar and broken clay flue liners can pose some real dangers to your roof. At Garlock-French Roofing, we understand the risks that are associated with a damaged chimney. Our roofing contractors are highly trained and qualified to take a look at your chimney, assess the damage that has occurred, suggest a course of action, and take the course that is decided upon.

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