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Five of the Best Roofing Options for Historic Homes

Roofs do more than just protect the people inside the home. They also reflect the character of the home on which they’re installed.

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Can Roofers Work in the Snow During Winter?

Roofing contractors work all-year-round regardless of season. You’ll find them making repairs during spring, replacing roofs during summer and making sure roofs are in great shape during fall so they can withstand the harsh weather during the winter season.

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What's An Underlayment, and How Important Is It?

Most of us tend to think of the home’s roofing system as composed of the roofing material, the gutters and some other things like the flashing. Many of us forget that there’s one unseen element that’s just as important as the roof itself. This element is called the underlayment. What’s the Underlayment? The underlayment plays…

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Commercial Roof Care Tips for Winter

Roofing professionals recommend that a thorough inspection of your commercial roof be done at least twice a year, preferably during fall and spring.

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How a Winter Roof Replacement Can Be Advantageous

A roof replacement might be the last thing to come to mind when thinking of winter activities, but you can take advantage of winter to do this job. Here are the advantages of replacing your roof during winter.

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Roofing 101: The Basics of Roofing Decks

Your roofing system is made up of various components. As such, your roof relies on each and every part to properly perform and function as these will in turn dictate how well your roof will hold up against the ravages of the elements.

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4 Roofing Threats to Watch Out for This Winter

Your roof faces numerous challenges at any given point throughout the year, for which you must prepare. Those difficulties intensify during what others consider as the “most wonderful time of the year”. Let’s take a look at the four most devastating problems your roofing system will likely encounter during winter.

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How to Prioritize Indoor Air Quality During Roofing Work

A good home has to excel in two aspects: the first one being functionality while the other one is appearance. However, there are some instances where improving or working on one aspect will mean compromising the other.

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Can a Solar Panel Installation Void Your Roofing Warranty?

Some roofing systems like metal roofing are sturdy enough to hold several solar panels. However, regardless of whether your roof is strong enough or not, installing a solar power system on the roof involves drilling holes on the actual roof, and the first question that comes to the minds of almost every homeowner is, “Will…

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