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Maintaining your masonry and chimney is essential to protecting the value of your home. Chimneys are always exposed to the elements, and over time, repairs will need to be made to keep your chimney safe and in good working condition.

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    Signs That You Need Chimney Repair Services

    Missing Bricks & Mortar

    Over time, bricks and mortar break down. With missing bricks and mortar, the stability of the chimney will be compromised, making it essential to address the issue immediately.

    Spalling Bricks & Mortar

    Spalling bricks and mortar can also cause structural damage. Water is able to more easily get into the flues and roofing if the bricks and mortar experience spalling.

    Leaks in Flashing

    The flashing is what will protect the sheathing, walls, ceiling, framing, and more from water damage. If the flashing is damaged, in addition to other problems with the chimney, a new one might be in order.

    Damaged Chimney Crown

    The chimney crown keeps your chimney free of water damage and protects the bricks that make up the chimney. Visible cracks, falling tiles, rust and interior wall damage are all signs that your chimney crown needs repair.

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    “We had a great experience with Garlock-French! John Patrick, our salesman, was professional in approaching us to inspect our roof, responsive to our questions, and effectively communicated with our insurance company throughout the entire process. We were very happy with the quality of work and final outcome.”

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