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Providing Peace of Mind Since 1932

Storm Damage Restoration

Weather any storm with storm damage restoration services from Garlock-French Roofing.

Garlock-French Roofing has been taking care of storm damage emergencies since 1932. Our team is highly qualified and experienced to detect minor damage during regular maintenance before it becomes a costly issue. No emergency is too large for us to handle!

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    At Garlock-French, we understand that home emergencies are a part of life. Storms are a major cause of roofing disasters, from wind tearing off shingles to branches falling off trees. Anytime the structure of a roof is compromised, there’s a potential for costly long-term water damage. The problems go far beyond a few leaks, since water will weaken the support structure of a home and provide an environment for mold and mildew to thrive. When these things happen, don’t neglect the problem.

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    Storm Damage Restoration Services

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    Window Repair

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    Siding Repair

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    Gutter Repair

    roof repair data-title=

    Roof Repair

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