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Enhancing Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Your Roof

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There are a lot of elements to home design that is geared toward enhancing curb appeal. When people see something that fits well or is striking, they notice.  Well-manicured lawns and straight fences come to mind as potentially pleasing factors. At Garlock French, we know that the right roof can have a similar effect. Depending on the style of the house, the climate, and the homeowner’s wants, any number of roofing systems can satisfy both functional and aesthetic purposes.

By Choosing the Right Color

Color schemes exist for a reason and apply to everything. We know what color shingles perfectly match a brick house. Even though you can’t see it while you’re inside, people from the street will immediately make the connection between a color that works against the house and a color that doesn’t. This concept is accentuated by roofs with a steep pitch or gables exposing more of the roof’s coloring.

By Considering Design

Your roof creates personality. Putting a standing seal metal roofing system on a tin shed might not waste money. Using it on your home, on the other hand, makes for an attractive and symmetrical appearance that also communicates functionality as it is a fabulous choice for extreme natural elements.

By Creating a Healthy Appearance

Whichever type of roof you choose, it should be maintained. If you see discoloration or some rot, there’s a chance that moisture could be taking root in your structure. It is vital for people who consider form and essential to present strong for both. Keep your roof looking healthy, and its functionality will naturally improve.

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