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Keeping an Ice-Free Roof During Our Long Winter Season

Keeping An Ice-Free Roof

Winter hits our region with force, and whether you are shoveling snow in St. Paul or just watching it fall in White Bear Lake, we all have to protect ourselves from exposure during these freezing months. This goes for our roofs, too. Snow, and especially ice, can cause significant damage if left untreated. There are simple techniques that can be utilized to keep your roof clear.

An Icebreaker Technique

Snow rakes and ice chisels are common tools for removing ice dams and icicles. Both can be used to break apart formations while allowing operator control to prevent striking the roof with damaging force. Sometimes used in tandem with ladders, these tools often have telescoping bodies that can extend several feet, reaching the highest eaves. Once the ice has been cleared, the adjacent snow can be pulled down with the rake, creating some dry space between any remaining snow and the edge of the roof.

A Pour-Over Technique

It might seem strange to melt water with water, but it is effective. Spraying warm water directly onto an icy obstruction will induce the melting process and shrink the ice. Combining this method with an ice pick allows for a thorough clean-out. Some chemicals can melt the ice, but some types could have a deleterious effect on the roof, so ice melts must be chosen with care.

A Proactive Technique

Preparing in advance for something helps to avoid trouble down the road. Having heating cables installed near the edge of your roof and in your gutters before the snow flies will heat any ice that forms and open channels to let the water flow to the ground. Less moisture on the roof means less potentially damaging ice blockages.

The Safest Technique 

We all want to take care of our homes, but remember that working on a roof can be dangerous business, particularly in winter. If you think that something up there needs to be addressed, you can always call on us at Garlock French to come out for a free evaluation and estimate. Call us today at 612-722-7129 we’re here for you!