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If You Need Help, Don’t Hesitate To Call A Roofing Pro!

Is that roof starting to show signs of aging? How many storms has your roof had to endure? Is it starting to rain inside every time a thunderstorm starts rolling into town? These are a few questions to ask yourself whether you need to start repairs or even replacing that roof. According to this article…

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Batten Down the Hatches By Securing Your Gutters Today

Severe weather can strike without warning often these days, even in quiet Minneapolis. When it does, are you sure your home can withstand the heavy downpour and the strong winds? Often times the only thing that stands between raging conditions and safety is our roof. But, there’s only so much it can do once the…

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Is Your Roof Ready For June’s Sudden Heavy Downpours?

Is Your Roof Ready For June’s Sudden Heavy Downpours? According to a news report on, the city will be experiencing torrential rain as a storm will be moving from central Dakota to the east of Minnesota:

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Pans And Leaks No More: Replace Your Old Roof As Soon As Now

Isn’t it annoying to get pans and buckets to keep your home dry from the unstoppable drips from your roof? The inconsistent weather conditions in your area make your roof all the more weak and flimsy. Well, you might want to brace yourself as the upcoming conditions in Minneapolis and St Paul apparently do not…

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Your home could be worth more than what you think

There’s something magical about coming back to one’s childhood home. The house previously owned by Peanuts artist Charles Schultz was featured on The current owner’s family acquired the house in 1962 and thirty years later, Ken Abdo purchased his childhood home from his father:

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Updating Your Gutters Can Help You against Sudden Flooding

The weather in Minneapolis can get pretty wet. Recent news on does not dispel the chances of rain through summer: MINNEAPOLIS – Clouds will thicken up through the overnight. A spotty shower or two is possible late, closer to sunrise Monday morning. Overnight lows are going to drop into the middle 50s with light…

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Conserve Energy With Cool Metal Roofs

The simple principle of demand and supply concludes that in a competitive market, the value of a specific good varies until it establishes at a point where the quantity required by the consumers will be equally supplied by the producers; hence delivering economic equilibrium in terms of amount/vale and quantity. This principle goes the same…

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Putting Your Home On A Bid? Replacing Your Roof Might Help You Out

Whether it’s a warmer or colder weather forecast, Spring has been consistent in bringing in a lot of surprise to many homeowners who longed to increase the value of their home. It constantly pays its surprises, as the varying weather conditions this season actually play an important role in the real estate market today. In…

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Fire Resistant Roof Decks: Protect Your Home From the Rage of Fire

Some say fire is as friendly as the other classical elements: earth, wind, and water. This is due to its advantageous characteristics which deemed life incomplete without its existence. Although beneficial and helpful in many levels, fire can take lives especially when taken too much granted. As a perfect example, the recent news from…

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