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Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Get a New Roof

A roofing system is perhaps one of the biggest home investments a homeowner will have to decide on. Regardless if it’s about the aesthetics, performance, or capacity for protection, you should take the time to decide which kind of roof you will have installed on your home. However, here’s a hypothetical situation: you’re quite doubtful of the stability and strength of your current roof. The question that pops into your head now is… how will you know if it’s time to get a replacement?

So from us here at Garlock-French Corporation, your go-to contractors for metal roofing in Minneapolis, here is a list of signs that mean you need roof replacement. Know which parts of your home you should check and what you should look for:

On the attic
The first section of your home you should check is your attic because it’s the closest part of the home to your roof. Check your attic for: (1) sagging roof deck, (2) leak stains and spots, (3) holes that let light in.

On the outside
You will have to check the outside for: (1) loosened/worn out material around chimneys, pipes, or vents, (2) mold and mildew formations, (3) missing, cracked, or torn-off shingles, and (4) damaged gutter and drainage system.

It wouldn’t also hurt if you do take the age of your roof into consideration. Usually, a roof can only last up to a quarter of a century, while shingle overlays can last up to 20 years. If your roof has been around for this long, it may be high time that you seriously consider having it checked by professional roofers.

If you’ve noticed that some of these signs are already present, it may be best for you to call us at Garlock-French Corporation so that we thoroughly inspect your roof and nip the problem in the bud. We can offer you a wide selection of roofing materials, from asphalt to metal roofing in MN.