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How to Clean Your Gutters & Protect Your Home

If your roof protects you from the elements of nature, the gutter helps in maintaining your home’s structural integrity and beauty. How? The gutter is a vital component of your roof. It diverts rain water or melted ice away from your home and onto the drains. By diverting water away from your house, it helps prevent water damage to your exteriors. It helps in prevent ground erosion thereby protecting your landscaping, and your house’s foundation and structural integrity.

So if you don’t have gutters, you better get them installed by professionals now before the winter season starts. If you already have them, inspect and clean them often! If necessary, have repairs conducted while the weather is still fair.

To help you with your roof inspection, Garlock-French Corporation, the experts in roofing and gutters in Minneapolis, brings you this step by step guide on how to thoroughly clean your gutters:

Things You Need:

  • Step Ladder
  • Gutter Scoop
  • Bucket
  • Work Gloves
  • Protective Eyewear
  • Garden Hose
  • Rubber-Soled Shoes

Safety First:

Make sure that your ladder is sturdy and is placed on flat and stable ground. Do not rest the ladder on your gutter as the gutter is not meant to hold that much weight. Ask someone (your teenage son, a friend) to be the spotter. His or her responsibility is just to keep the ladder stable when you’re on it by holding the ladder with both hands. Wear your work gloves, protective eye wear, and rubber-soled shoes for precautionary measures.

What to Do:

  • Place the ladder near a downspout and start cleaning from there.
  • Using your gloved hands, remove debris such as leaves, twigs, etc. from the gutter. Place rubbish into your bucket.
  • For hard-to-remove debris and mucks, use your gutter scoop to scrape and scoop them out.
  • For any remaining debris and for those particles not easy to pick up with your hands, use your garden hose to flush them out into the downspouts and drains.
  • Repeat all these steps on the entire gutter all over the house.
  • Do a quick inspection – if there’s a clog on the downspouts or drains, if a section of the gutter is detached, or if there are gaping holes in the gutter and downspouts, call a gutter expert to fix it for you.

If you are in need of experts on Minneapolis gutters, Garlock-French Corporation is the one you can trust. Our gutter experts are trained and experienced to do installation and repair. Just give us a call for your gutter problems.