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Garlock-French Corporation: Gutter Cleaning Tips This Fall

Now that it is fall, one of the tasks most Minnesotan residents have on their to-do list is cleaning their gutters. Cleaning the gutters is one of the most important projects this season, yet it’s often overlooked. With leaves from the trees falling to the ground or, worse, your roof and gutters, it is necessary to make sure that your gutters are not clogged with debris.

Clogged gutters can actually cause you more trouble than you think. It is more than just the annoying waterfalls at the side of your house during rainy days or those icicles that hang at the edges of your roof during winters. Clogged gutters can actually compromise the integrity of your roof and the entire structure of your home. This is why declogging gutters at least twice a year is important for homeowners not just in Minnesota, but all over the country as well.

To help you out with this important fall chore, Garlock-French Corporation, the top contractors for roofing and gutters in Minneapolis MN, offers you a few helpful tips on gutter cleaning and maintenance:

Ladder Safety

Cleaning gutters is actually risky because it involves climbing a ladder. Before mounting that ladder, see to it that it is on steady and solid ground and that the ladder is sturdy.


Use a plastic gutter scoop, which is readily available in any hardware store, to scoop out muck from the gutter. This scoop is made from thin but tough plastic sheet specially made for gutters. It could easily bend through gutter corners and other hard-to-reach areas. A garden hose is also needed to help you flush out muck or push small debris into drains. Wearing thick work gloves and protective eyewear are important to protect you from eye injuries as well as from dirt, animal waste, sharp debris, and other hazards. Also, use rubber-soled shoes to prevent slips.

Seek Professional Help

Garlock-French Corporation has been taking care of gutters in Minneapolis for decades, and we can help take care of yours. With the most experienced and highly qualified contractors in the industry, we want to show you why customers have been coming to us since 1932. Just give us a call for all your roofing and gutter needs.