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Solid Tips for Keeping Your Roof in Good Condition This Winter

winter roof

It is no exaggeration to say your roof is among the most important parts of your home. If the roofing system fails, your entire home and all of its contents are suddenly at risk. The good news is that a quality roof will not only last a long time but provide your household the protection it deserves. You can secure better protection with a few important steps.

Our team at Garlock French is committed to making sure the roof over your home in Minneapolis does its job throughout all seasons. This winter, follow these proven principles to keep your roof system strong.

Maintenance of the Roofing System

Your roof is made up of many elements: shingles, support boards, gutters, flashing, and more. If any one of these fails, you could get moisture into your home. Follow these guidelines to help your roof hold up during the cold months:

  • Keep excess snow and ice off of the roof
  • Check your gutter for ice buildup
  • Call for professional repairs if you notice damage
  • Clear debris from off the roof

For safety reasons, you shouldn’t climb around on ladders and onto your roof at any time, especially during winter. Even if you feel up to it, it is best to leave this work to professionals who have the necessary equipment, training, and experience.

Inspection of the Roof

Few things will do more for your roof than regular and professional inspections. They do not cost a lot of money and will help you gain a good return on your investment. By catching problems early, repairs will be less extensive and less costly. Plus, even if your roof gets a passing grade, you can feel confident that nothing was missed and you can sleep soundly at night.

At Garlock French, we have all of the important things you need in a roofing company: experience, quality staff, licensed, bonded, and insured. Call us today at 612-722-7129