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Stay Safe and Dry With These Tips for Your Home This Winter

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Winter is certainly one of the toughest times for your roof. It brings everything from snow and ice to cold temperatures to high winds. Fortunately, a little smart preparation can go a long way toward making sure you make it through the season without water leaking through your ceiling.

A roof inspection will help expose any structural damages or disrepair. This will help identify problems and help you start planning for the severe weather ahead of time. If you see something awry, contact a professional like us at Garlock French for a professional solution.

Look at Trees and the Gutters

If your home is in an area with a lot of trees nearby, make sure overhanging limbs do not pose a threat. Heavy snows and winter storms can bring trees toppling down onto your roof and result in serious damage. Additionally, make sure to have the gutters cleaned. When working properly, your gutters remove water away from your roof and home. However, when clogged, it can lead to major problems. These include:

  • An increase in algae growth
  • A backing up of water that causes ice formation
  • A potential for roof leaks that damage roofing elements¬†
  • An avenue for harm to siding and fascia

It is also good to check the attic before the winter season starts. It will help you identify any moisture or mold and it can alert you to ventilation issues as well.

Call the Professionals for Significant Problems

Roofing repairs are always easier and less expensive before water finds a way through the first line of defense. For any issues you can’t handle yourself, be sure to call a licensed roofing contractor. At Garlock French, we offer solutions that prepare your roof for the toughest of winters. Call us today at 612-230-8351 or send us an email to learn about our services.