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Cost and Headaches: The Financial Case for Roof Inspections

Roof inspections may seem like an unnecessary expense at first, especially if you haven’t experienced any major issues with your roof yet. But for all we know, a relatively minor roof issue might be slowly turning into a bigger headache for you. Each second that passes adds another cent or dime to a ballooning repair bill. Still not convinced? Garlock-French Corporation, one of the state’s top roofing contractors, shows you how roof inspections can save you money in the long term.

Extend Roof Lifespans 
Even the most durable roofs will suffer some form of damage during their lifespan, and it can happen at any point, even if your roof was just installed. If they’re durable as you believe them to be, then they should only suffer relatively minor damage like a small crack or a slightly loosened shingle.

But remember that your roof is constantly exposed to the elements; all of which can quickly exacerbate minor damage. Your roof expands and contracts as temperatures rise and fall; this movement can widen cracks. Strong winds can slowly peel off loose shingles and membranes.

Prevent Mold Infestations 
And, your potential headache doesn’t stop there. Widening cracks or loose shingles can let in rainwater, which might seep into the roof substrate and contribute to a damp and dark environment, an environment that’s perfect for mold formation.

Mold, the bane of every homeowner, can eat away the organic parts of your roofing system, not to mention worsen the condition of people with respiratory complications.

Keep Your Insurance Coverage Intact 
Even if you think it’s highly unlikely that your roof will experience any of these problems, roof issues stemming from a homeowner’s negligence, which includes not taking reasonable steps to maintain your roof, are unlikely to be covered by your insurer.

Thinking of scheduling a roof inspection? You might want to do your research before doing that; it’s easy to miss signs of roof damage. To make sure roof inspections are as thorough as possible, only hire certified and experienced contractors.

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