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Which Roofing Materials Live the Longest?

Many things can change in decades, but your roof shouldn’t. This is why you need to put a premium on longevity. Otherwise, don’t be surprised to re-roof more often than you’re happy to.


In Garlock-French Corporation’s book, these are the most resilient roofing materials:


As far as life span is concerned, nothing beats slate. Slate roofs can last for more than a century, serving your home for generations. A naturally occurring material, it’s immune to virtually all the elements that’d normally wreak havoc with an inferior roof before reaching its 15th birthday. Intense heat, heavy downpours, strong winds, temperature fluctuations—name it, slate could outlast it all. Plus, slate is non-combustible, allowing to it remain intact during a fire.

With routine maintenance, experienced roofing contractors know slate can contribute to your home’s curb appeal for a long time.

Clay or Concrete

Just like slate, clay and concrete are both natural materials. These tough materials have a high “pain tolerance”, withstanding the most destructive forces. They resist fire (with Class A rating to boot), meet Florida’s 150 MPH wind speeds, stay in one piece against golf ball–sized hailstones, and shed water easily. Using current fastening requirements, they exceed today’s seismic loading requirements to remain in place during earthquakes.


A metal roofing system can provide you over 50 years of uncompromising performance. Irrespective of the slope, metal has a remarkable water-shedding ability to prevent ponding and leakage. It doesn’t corrode or crack and resist damage from wind gusts up to 140 MPH.

Metal roofing’s biggest advantage over other resilient materials is its lightweight construction and lack of taxing maintenance. In other words, it wouldn’t require laborious structural adjustments no matter what roofing material you’re switching from. It may call for periodic inspections, but it generally doesn’t need costly repairs.

So, which durable roofing material is perfect for your home in Minneapolis, Minnesota? Contact Garlock-French Corporation today to schedule your consultation at your convenience.