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Commercial Roof Care Tips for Winter

Roofing professionals recommend that a thorough inspection of your commercial roof be done at least twice a year, preferably during fall and spring.

Fall inspection will help identify and promptly address potential issues before the harsh winter months to keep your property and the residents protected. After winter, another inspection must be done to ensure that the roof did not get damaged during the last season.

Roof Winter Care

Caring for your roof during winter time is also essential. Roofing contractors recommend the following measures to keep your roof in its best shape.

  • Clear debris from the roof – Before the first snowfall, leaves, branches and other debris must be cleared as these can block drains, cause water pooling and add unnecessary weight to your roof.
  • Remove snow build up – When properly designed and installed, roofs can handle some snow buildup, rain,and other elements. However, excessive snow can potentially damage your roof and cause structural damage to your property when not addressed. Have a professional remove the accumulated snow on your roof when needed.
  • Maintain HVAC equipment – Prevent condensation from your HVAC from flowing to the roof surface by piping it directly into the drains.

Additional Tips

Keep a roofing file that includes documents from the original installation. The plans, specs, inspection reports, warranties and other documents will help a lot if ever there is a need for roof repair. Ensure that you hire only certified roofing professionals to inspect, maintain and repair your roof.If you need roof maintenance, repair or replacement, you can turn to Garlock-French Corporation.

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