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Advantages of Having a Metal Roofing System During Winter

As a cool roofing material, metal is a popular choice to mitigate the urban heat island effect. However, many people consider it a disadvantage during winter because they believe it can increase the need for heating throughout the coldest months. While there may be some justification for that, the summer cooling benefits of a metal roof significantly outweigh its potential winter heating drawbacks.

Advantages of Having a Metal Roofing System During Winter

Having a metal roofing system during winter, however, is beneficial on many levels. If you ask Garlock-French Corporation, here are its positives:

Fast Installation

Some roofing materials are not suitable for installation during winter, but metal is different. It comes in wide panels, expediting the roof replacement process. If you hire a specialist roofer like us, you can shorten the entire project by days. This means your home won’t be exposed to harsh winter elements for too long. If you strip away your old roofing materials when a storm is about to hit, then a speedy installation is paramount to get your new roof done in time.

Excellent Drainage

Metal roofing systems usually have interlocking panels to shed rain and snow more effectively. Plus, they don’t need a steep pitch to be efficient in doing it.

Lightweight Construction

Metal is surprisingly one of the lightest roofing options on the market. Whatever the material it’s replacing, it won’t require any structural adjustments to support more weight. When snow accumulates atop your home, the additional weight won’t cause your roof to collapse.

Remarkable Storm Endurance

Experienced roofing contractors laud metal’s ability to resist blow-offs. With proper fastening, it won’t get torn off with strong winds, so it will stay in one piece after the most menacing storms. As a matter of fact, it’s not uncommon for metal roofs to survive for more than 50 years without costly maintenance.

A metal roofing system is a sound investment. Let Garlock-French Corporation help you figure out the best kind of metal roof for your home. Call us at (612) 722-7129 today to talk about your project needs in Minneapolis, MN.