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Providing Peace of Mind Since 1932

Don’t Abandon Gutter Maintenance in a Time of Need

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Spending a beautiful Saturday afternoon straddling a ladder and cleaning out the gutters is rarely a first choice for weekend activities. Gutters are an out-of-sight, out-of-mind maintenance element for many homeowners, which can turn into a big problem if the roof and foundation of the home become damaged by gutters that fail. Since you don’t want to give up your weekend for a dirty job, turn the responsibility over to Garlock French.

Get Peace of Mind

Cleaning out the gutters on a regular basis and keeping them maintained is an important part of homeownership. Gutters play a vital role in keeping rainwater or melting snow and ice from damaging the foundation, roofing, and landscaped areas of your home and property. Not giving your gutters the attention needed increases the likelihood of failure from leaks, cracks, clogs, and holes. Having your gutters professionally inspected and maintained can give you peace of mind.

Know Your Home Is Protected

The gutter system directs rainwater to a diversion channel that guides the water away from the home. If the rainwater were to puddle in different areas around the home, it can lead to saturation in the ground around the foundation. This can cause cracks in the foundation, and when formed, these cracks make room for water to enter the basement or crawl space under the home. Excess water and water damage can lead to mold or mildew, which can cause structural damage to the home when left unaddressed. Dampness can also attract carpenter ants and termites, both of which can seriously compromise your home’s structural integrity.

Rainwater that gets left on the roof from gutters that are clogged and full of debris can cause leaks into the home or run down behind the siding of the house. This pressure can cause cracks in the walls.

Trust the Experts

Don’t let your gutters fail from poor maintenance or neglect. Let Garlock French tend to your gutters and make sure they are doing what they are supposed to. Call 612-230-8351 or email us today for more information.