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Real Reasons Your Home Shouldn’t Be without Gutters

Gutters are bars of metal that make play crucial roles in making your home be like home. They’re more than just waterways that neatly guide the raindrops onto your roof to the ground.


Garlock-French Corporation explains why you can’t afford not to have one:

Channeling Water into the Right Direction

The purpose of having gutters and downspouts is to prevent the rain from going all over the place. Without them, heavy downpours would just shower your entire home exterior uncontrollably. That’s not going to end well because unbridled water would cause soil erosion. In turn, expect damaged lawn, pooling in the yard, and muddy landscaping.

Keeping Water Seepage to a Minimum

A gutter system is key to control moisture in your home. Standing water near your foundation would ultimately find its way under the foundation, gradually sinking it down. The settling would cause the walls to part, separating itself from the rest of your home.

Furthermore, uncontrolled roof water run-off could dampen your basement and crawl space. High moisture creates a desirable environment for mold growth. Mold could easily spread around your home, making it a less healthy place.

Water seepage promotes and accelerates rot. Moisture could weaken building materials, compromisingly your home’s structural integrity slowly but surely.

Minimizing Home Repair Costs

When different parts of your home are shot, they have to be fixed sooner or later. Such repairs can be avoidable if you have gutters and downspouts to prevent water damage in the first place. Installing a high-quality gutter system is just a small, one-time expense for the sake of dodging costly, unbudgeted expenses.

Rounding Out Exterior Design

Most homes seem weird without gutters and downspouts. No matter how attractive your roof and masonry may be, your exterior design would be missing nice overhangs that’d enhance your home’s overall curb appeal.

At Garlock-French Corporation, we specialize in different types of gutters in a variety of profiles to meet your specific requirements. We also offer a number of protection options to make your gutter system nearly maintenance-free. From cleaning to replacement, we’ve got all of your gutter needs in Minneapolis, MN, covered. Contact us today to talk about your project and get an estimate.