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3 Protection Systems to End Gutter Clogging Once and For All

Dealing with clogged gutters is everything but pleasant. In many cases, this problem is the root of even graver structural problems in your roof and ceiling.

Prevention is always better than cure. Garlock-French Corporation gives you a quick review of the different gutter protection systems we use to help your gutters in Minneapolis, NM, avoid getting clogged.

One of the classics, this type of protection covers your entire gutter to keep all kinds of debris at bay. Its mesh design only allows water to pass through the screen.

We’re adept at installing different screen protection brands, and Gutter Shingle is one of those that we trust the most. This brand is perfect for most gutters in Minneapolis. It’s not only easy to install on any pitch roof, but it also has a low-profile design to make it subtly blend with roof shingles.

This system works just like the screen protection, only it occupies the gutter’s upper portion. The main advantage of the products we use is keeping your gutter from becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects.

Our team likewise uses a variety of brands, but Leaf Defier is among our favorites for different types of Minneapolis gutters. What makes this product stand out is its impressive set of features. It is fire-resistant and coated with anti-microbial additives to prevent the growth of harmful organisms. In addition, it comes with UV protection to prolong its life against the damaging sunlight.

Reverse Flow
This type of system also provides covering, but it has a slip near the lip of the gutter. Its design directs the water to pass through the slip, and then to the gutter. Any debris it catches either will wash over or get stuck until it flies away when it gets dry.

Garlock-French Corporation understands inspection and cleaning aren’t enough to prevent the dangers of gutter clogging. After all, protection is paramount. Get it touch with us now at (612) 444-8900, and let us help you decide which system is best for your gutter.