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Winter Roofing Issues: What to Look For

Issues to Keep an Eye On This Winter

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your roof. Unfortunately, winter is also the time of year that you rely on your roof most. In order to make it through the winter with a roof over your head, you must keep an eye out for the following issues.

Animals Nesting

Animals want to escape the cold just as much as you do. When squirrels and other creatures starting looking for a warm place to go, you want to make sure they don’t choose your roof.  If your attic is not properly sealed, these rodents will find their way in. If this happens, you can use a one-way trap that will allow them to work their way out of your roof, but prevent them from entering. Once your attic is cleared, you can have it sealed properly. 

Heavy Snow Damage

Snow and ice may build up on neighboring trees. The heavier the branches become, the more of a threat they become to your roof. If a branch lands on your roof, it can cause serious damage. Having your trees trimmed annually can greatly decrease the chances of a branch breaking due to heavy snow. However, you should still keep an eye on your trees this winter. If you notice any that look weak or seem dangerously close to your roof already, get it handled ASAP and eliminate the worry. 

Ice Dam Formation

Ice dams are ridges that build up on the edge of the roof as a result of ice melting and then refreezing on your roof. When ice dams are present, melted snow is not able to drain properly causing it to seep through into your home.

Fortunately, ice dams are preventable. If the temperature of your roof stays below 30 degrees, ice dams are not likely to form. The best way to control the temperature of your roof, is with proper attic insulation. If you haven’t already, get your attic and insulation inspected by a professional this winter.

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