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What Is Included in a Roof Replacement?

what is included in a roof replacement

Roof care should be an important part of home maintenance plans. After all, the roof protects the occupants and possessions inside the home, prevents pests from entering, and adds to the building’s structural stability. Whether your roof is damaged beyond repair or you have decided it is time for an upgrade, this article answers the common question: what is included in a roof replacement?

Roof Repairs vs Roof Replacement

In many situations, it is possible to remedy damage and defects with a roof repair. Residential roofing repairs can rectify aspects such as missing or damaged tiles or shingles, leaks, and issues with ventilation and pooling water. Timely roof repairs can often prevent costlier problems later on down the line.

On the other hand, roof replacement refers to the situation where a home has a whole new roof installed. Sometimes, the damages on roofs are too much for repairs to be effective or economical. Other times, the age of a roof necessitates replacement. Homeowners may wish to improve the appearance and curb appeal of their property, particularly if they are thinking of trying to sell it.

5 Steps for Replacing a Roof

The following major stages are included in a residential roof replacement:  

Inspection and Quotation

Before any physical work begins on your roof, a professional will look at your roof. They will inspect the condition of your roof, note roof measurements and discuss your options and preferences with you.    

The roofing company will then give you a written quotation that details project costs, including a breakdown for materials, labor, waste removal, and other associated costs. The company will provide a timescale of when they can begin the work. They also will tell you how long the work should last. If you are satisfied with the quote, you can appoint the company to begin your roof replacement.


The roofing team will prepare the job site before beginning to take off the old roof. Preparations include covering the garden with tarpaulins and making sure windows and sidings have protection in the case of falling debris. The roofers will ensure they have a way to get rid of the old roofing materials, such as a dumpster. They will check that they have all the new materials onsite.

Removing the Roof

Working in sections, the professional roofers will remove the old roofing materials, including tiles and nails, and move debris toward the dumpster. The roofers will clean the gutters and the roof deck at the same time to prepare the section ready for the new roofing materials. The roofer will inspect the roof’s structure and perform any necessary repairs, such as replacing rotten beams or joists.

Fitting the New Roof

Roofers will work their way around the top of your home, installing the new roof in sections. The first step is to lay underlay, followed by the edging. They will also put flashing around vents and chimneys and make sure all areas are leakproof. Next, they will install the shingles or tiles as agreed by you. The last step of the roof installation is to fit ridge capping.

Cleaning Up

The roofing job is not complete until your home and garden has been restored to at least the same condition it was before work began. The company will remove all waste from your property. The roofing team will also inspect the finished roof and perform one final quality check to ensure high standards of workmanship.

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