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Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Roof

well maintained roof in spring

Rid Your Roof Of Winter Damage

As you prepare for spring, consider how much snow, ice, and wind your roof experienced throughout the cold seasons. Minnesota winters can wreak havoc on your roof, which is why springtime maintenance is necessary. Here a few areas of your roof you may want to focus on as spring arrives.

Check for Flashing Damage

Flashing is what connects the skylights, windows, and other elements of your roof. It can also be where the two slopes of your roof meet. If there is any cracked caulking, it needs to be re-caulked. Replacement flashing may also be necessary if there is any rust.

Clean the Gutters

If your gutters are cluttered with debris, then rainwater will not be able to safely run off your roof. Have your gutters cleaned as soon as the winter weather starts to clear up. Once they are cleaned out, you will be able to see if there is any damage that will prevent them from working sufficiently. If you find issues, our team of professionals can repair the damage and alleviate any other problems that may occur.

Examine Your Shingles

While you may be able to see signs of damage from the ground, you should also have a professional take a look at your roof’s shingles. When it comes to shingle damage, look for curling, damaged, or loose shingles. These shingles will likely require replacements as soon as possible.

Look for Water Damage

If you experienced any leaks inside or noticed water damage on your ceiling, the problem is likely with your roof. Throughout the winter, ice dams may have formed on your roof. When ice dams melt, they may seep through into your home, leaving water damage. No matter how small, every leak needs to be fixed as soon as possible, or it can rot your roof and destroy the insulation.

Start the spring off right by ridding your roof of all its winter damage. To find out how our team at Garlock-French can help, give us a call at 612-230-8351 or email us today!