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5 Benefits of Gutter Guards and How They Can Help

benefits of gutter guards

Would you like to make sure the gutters that hang on the side of your home last as long as they possibly can?

Under normal circumstances, you should be able to get at least 20 years out of them. But your home’s gutters may begin to break down on you ahead of schedule if you don’t work to maintain them.

Installing gutter guards on your gutters is a great way to do this. One of the biggest benefits of gutter guards is that they’ll increase the chances of your gutters lasting a long time.

There are also many other benefits of investing in gutter guards for your home. We’re going to break down five of the biggest benefits of gutter guards below. Check them out.

1. Makes Gutters Easier to Maintain

Regardless of whether or not you have gutter guards, getting yourself into the habit of maintaining your gutters will be important. Aim to clean them at least twice each year, preferably in the spring and fall.

One of the top benefits of gutter guards is that they’ll make your gutters so much easier to clean than they would be otherwise. You aren’t going to find too many leaves, sticks, and other debris in your gutters when you have gutter guards installed.

2. Keeps Rainwater Flowing Through Gutters

The last thing you want is for rainwater to pool in your home’s gutters and stay stagnant for days or even weeks on end. You need rainwater to flow through your gutters freely at all times.

Another one of the benefits of gutter guards is that they’ll stop too much debris from building up in your gutters. It’ll enable water to move through your gutters with ease in the direction of your downspouts.

These downspouts can then direct rainwater away from your home. You won’t have to worry about rainwater getting stuck in your gutters at any point and causing issues.

3. Prevents Pests From Invading Gutters

One of the issues you may face if you have rainwater hanging around in your home’s gutters is pests. Insects like mosquitos are going to start to set up shop in your gutters when they’re filled with moisture.

You can prevent pests from creating a home in your gutters by keeping them clean with gutter guards. The chances of insects making their way into your gutters will be substantially lower than usual.

You’ll also be able to avoid having rodents like mice and rats congregate in your gutters when you strive to keep them clean. There won’t be any debris that they’ll want to access in your gutters. It’ll keep them away from your gutter system as a whole.

4. Protects a Roof From Overflowing Gutters

You may be under the impression that your gutter system won’t have anything to do with your roofing system. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you let your home’s gutters get to be too dirty, it could result in rainwater spilling out over the sides and onto your roof. This could ultimately lead to you having to do more roofing maintenance than you might anticipate.

In the winter, any rainwater that’s in your gutters can also freeze and potentially cause roofing issues. You might find yourself dealing with more ice dams on your roof when there’s lingering water in your gutters.

Keeping your home’s gutters covered with gutter guards can reduce the odds of your gutters overflowing and causing complications with your roof. You’ll be able to keep your roof in better shape overall after installing gutter guards.

5. Stops Gutters From Needing Repairs

It’ll be imperative that you perform gutter maintenance every so often to clear out debris from them. But it’ll also be important to do it so that the components that make up your gutter system aren’t exposed to moisture all the time.

If they are, it could possibly lead to corrosion and rusting. This will weaken your home’s gutters and put you in a position where you’ll need to repair them.

You can steer clear of having to repair your home’s gutters every few years by sticking gutter guards on them. These gutter guards will keep rainwater moving through them and stop it from doing any damage in the process.

How to Take Advantage of the Benefits of Gutter Guards

Now that you know about the benefits of gutter guards, would you like to take full advantage of them? If so, you should track down a company that can help you put the right types of gutter guards into place.

Garlock-French Roofing can provide you with the gutter maintenance and gutter protection services you need. We can assist you while you’re choosing from your different gutter guard options and see to it that they’re installed in the right way.

We can also come back out to your home every now and then to lend a hand with future gutter maintenance. It’ll help keep your gutters in great shape for the foreseeable future.

Additionally, Garlock-French Roofing specializes in providing a long list of roofing, chimney, and even siding services. We’ll make it possible for you to make every aspect of the exterior of your home look its best.

Contact Us for Gutter Guard Options

Would you like to start shopping around for gutter guards so that you can have them installed? Garlock-French Roofing has a variety of gutter guard options you can pick from.

After you’ve selected the one you want, we can also handle installing gutter guards for you right away. It’ll allow you to start enjoying the benefits of gutter guards in no time.

Reach out to us for more information on our gutter guard services.