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Leakage From Prolonged Rain

The prolonged period of rain creates problems other than a dreary disposition, camouflaging potholes, and the desire to pull the covers over your head and stay in bed. Typical leaks that did not show up all winter may show up after a sustained rain event and many of those are not related to the roof. Directional rains that blow against walls saturate siding, windows and doors. All masonry work, stucco, chimneys, brick and block walls will naturally absorb moisture and after a typical garden variety rain storm, will dry out with nothing showing up inside the structure. After several days of rain the accumulation of moisture may exceed the ability of the masonry work to absorb it. The leaks may show up as a small stain on the ceiling, above or below a window or door, and anywhere there is a crack in the mortar joint, cement cap or stucco. Any moisture penetrating the building envelope is a problem and should be diagnosed and properly dealt with to avoid bigger problems down the road.