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What Are Staggered insulation Layers?

Looking at the overall performance of your roofing system from an energy perspective, insulation plays a big and important role. Poor insulation can lead to massive heat loss during the winter and increased heat gains during the summer. As a result, your home or building will often have to consume more energy to make up for the difference.

One of the best ways to combat these energy sinks is with the use of an effective staggered insulation system.

Thermal Bridging Issues

One layer of insulation is often enough to give your roofing system a decent thermal envelope. However, the seams that connect multiple sheets of insulation can often be a point where a majority of your building’s heat can exit or enter, offsetting whatever advantage the layer may have given your roofing system. This issue is known as thermal bridging. Staggering multiple layers of insulation helps address thermal bridging gaps and drastically reduces losses at the seam joints.

Stronger Protection

Using layers of insulation also offers thicker protection for flat roofing systems. Staggered insulation membranes are known to provide additional layers of defense against puncture damage as well as foot traffic, two of the most common root causes of commercial flat roofs.

Improved Water Drainage

Tapering the ends of staggered insulation layers can give roofing contractors a valuable opportunity to maximize the slight slope of flat roofing membranes. This, paired with the effective use of gutters, can greatly improve the water handling capabilities of any type of roof.

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