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Unique Roof Designs for Modern Homes

The roof of your home does more than simply provide shade. With a vast array of styles and designs, roofs are now becoming a new living space for families, be it a place to relax, swim or garden. And with contemporary architecture gaining popularity around the world, homeowners are now looking for modern and innovative property designs. This has led to improvements in the appearance of gutters and roofing as well.

Unique Roof Designs for Modern Homes
Here are five designs that are trending in the roofing industry today.
Flat or Nearly Flat Roofing
Traditionally, flat roofs are often found on commercial properties. Today, residential properties are starting to utilize flat or nearly flat roofs. Instead of just being completely flat, though, homeowners sometimes choose a low-pitch roof, which offers just enough pitch to let rainwater flow without accumulating.
Roofs With No Separation
Some modern houses are also making use of roofs made of the same materials as their siding, establishing a seamless transition from one part to another with no separation in the area.
Curved Edges
Instead of the same straight-edged roof, homeowners and professionals alike can try roofing systems with curved edges. Metal roofing systems, for one, allows gutters and roofing contractors to create things that were previously not possible, including roofs with curved edges that offer more usable space beneath them.
Sculptural Designs
Roofing plays a huge role in enhancing a home’s curb appeal. This is why many modern houses are now choosing roofs with an artistic feel for added beauty and value.
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