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Understanding Roof Resistance Standard Ratings

Your roofing system is your first layer of defense against nature. Modern roof materials are designed and manufactured with fire, wind and hail resistance in mind, but many homeowners are still in the dark how these features are measured and rated.

Fire Ratings

Almost all types of roofing systems are made to be fire-resistant with the unique exception of untreated wood shakes. Fire resistance is measured in terms of classes ranging from A to C with A being the highest rating. Luckily, roofing systems are typically rated Class A for fire. Even the aforementioned wood shake roofing can even reach a Class B rating with the right retardant treatment, but because the chemicals used in this process are toxic, many homeowners do not choose to take this route.

Wind Resistance

From full-blown hurricanes to seasonal winds, your roof must be designed to resist the strongest forces of the wind. One good way to achieve this is by following the recommended installation techniques for whatever roofing material you may have in your home. Poor installation is the number one cause of wind-related damage in roofing systems. Getting this taken care of right from the get-go can save you the trouble and money of having to need repairs down the line.

Hail Damage

Resistance to hail damage is classified into four ratings starting from Class 1, the weakest, to Class 4, the toughest. The price difference between the top and bottom classification levels can be as much as 20%; however, considering the money you can save from surviving hailstorms with barely a scratch more than makes up for this increase.

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