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Top 4 Home Improvement Projects to Prioritize This Fall

Fall is the most ideal season for prioritizing home improvement projects since your contractors most likely won’t have to work under intense heat or downpour. If you’re planning to venture on a home upgrade this season, you can consult the leading experts in roofing in St. Paul from Garlock-French Corporation. Here are four fall-friendly projects you should consider:

Metal Roofing

1. Gutter Installation and Protection
One of the best ways to keep your home prepared for the coming winter is to make sure that your gutter system is undamaged. Consult us immediately if you think you’re up for new gutter installation. Additionally, you can enhance their performance with gutter covers. You can choose from our filter, screen, and reverse flow covers for lasting protection.

2. Roof Replacement
Without the intense summer heat bearing down on your home this season, a roof replacement project can move along more swiftly. With our 80 years of experience in roofing, you can count on us to provide specialized services and high-quality materials. If you’re planning to change to metal roofing in MN, our expertise can surely benefit you.

3. Roof Maintenance
Repairing your roof this season ensures that snow and rain won’t find their way into your home through gaps and leaks. We can look for all the damage your roof has sustained and repair them immediately before they get worse. Our maintenance services can extend the life of your roof and keep your interior protected.

4. Chimney Upgrade
Your chimney has an important contribution to your home’s structure and your Minneapolis roofing, so make sure that it is in top shape. Although we can easily repair minimal issues, you should consider a complete upgrade if your chimney is damaged beyond repair.

Make the most out of the fall season with these four home upgrades. We can also inspect your home and provide a detailed report on which parts need the most attention. To get started, call Garlock-French Corporation at (612) 722-7129.