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Tips for Heat-Proofing Your Roof This Summer

There is no escaping the summer heat, and your roof will be at the mercy of the sun. While you can’t do anything to make the weather less intense, you can, however, make improvements to heat-proof your roof. Follow these tips from Garlock-French Corporation:
Tips for Heat-Proofing Your Roof This Summer
Switch to a Cool Roof
A cool roofing system is ultra-reflective, so it can effectively moderate the indoor climate of your home during the cooling season.
Thanks to modern technology, many roofing products today have enhanced thermal properties to send solar heat back to the sky instead of storing it up. Metal is one of your safest bets for its naturally energy-efficient surface can become more reflective with the right paint or coating.
Improve Attic Ventilation
Upgrading to a metal roofing system is an important first step toward heat resistance, but Garlock-French Corporation says that it is not enough. The sun is not an exclusive source of heat; many appliances can raise indoor temperatures and fill the inside air with lots of moisture.
To combat the inconvenient combination of extreme heat and excessive humidity, your attic ought to have a good ventilation system. With enough ridge and soffit vents, your roof can breathe out moisture-ridden air and keep the attic cool by inhaling fresh breezes from the outside.
Add Rooftop Solar Panels
If you think that your roof can’t hide from the sun, you might have not considered a solar panel installation. Rooftop solar panels effectively intercept the sunlight and provide ample shade to the material underneath.
A solar roof absorbs the heat and converts it to green electricity. At the same time, they do not heating up particles in the air, which helps keep the atmosphere as a whole less warm.
Turn to Garlock-French Corporation to elevate your roof’s heat resistance to new heights. We can inspect your roof to identify areas of improvement and clean your gutters while we are up there. Call us at (612) 722-7129 or (651) 429-2335 now.