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The Green Roofing Revolution: Energy Efficiency

In today’s world, there is an increasingly strong shift and tendency towards all things eco-friendly. While the main idea is saving the environment, this kind of thinking is also a great benefit to homes and homeowners. Roofing plays a big role in protecting your home and bringing you comfort. Garlock-French Corporation expounds on how going green in roofing will revolutionize your life and home.

What makes for energy efficiency?

When talking about energy-efficient roofing in Minneapolis, the discussion inevitably revolves around heat regulation. What these so-named “green roofs” do is to reflect heat away during summer and retain it during winter. Accomplishing this happens in two ways:

• Material considerations: The primary consideration when it comes to energy efficiency is the material selected. Metal is a very energy-efficient choice because it has low heat absorption and reflects the sun’s rays. Slate is another great option because it promotes natural, smooth airflow on a roof’s surface—keeping your home cool.

• Color matters: Darker roofing colors can conduct heat into your home at much higher temperatures relative to outside air temperature. With lighter shades, you can expect a drop in temperatures of between 50 and 60 degrees.

Why does it matter to you?

Seasoned roofing contractors in Minneapolis will be point out that the main selling point of energy-efficient roofing is the savings. When this kind of roofing helps heat stays at the levels you need, you become less reliant on artificial means of interior climate control. This lowers what you end up spending monthly on energy—always a plus for homeowners. There is also the comfort that this means of temperature regulation brings.

If you’re due for a roofing replacement anytime soon, it’s time you considered green, energy-efficient options. Not only does it have a much-needed positive impact on the environment, but it also helps you save up. Call Garlock-French Corporation today at 612-722-7129 and we will discuss which of our energy-efficient options are best suited for your needs and budget.