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Steep-Slope Roofing Options and Their Features

Whether you’re replacing a deteriorating roof or installing a new roof on your new home, there are many choices in terms of available roofing materials. Factors that determine the best option include the style of your home, its geographical location, and the local climate. One factor that remains extremely helpful in choosing the right material is the complexity and slope of the roof.

As one of the top roofing contractors in St. Paul, MN, Garlock-French Corporation only wants what’s best for your home. Let us discuss with you some of the common steep-slope roofing options and their features.

Steep-Slope Roofing: What Does It Mean?
To better understand the roofing materials for your home, you need to understand the different types of roof slope. You can determine the slope, or pitch, by the vertical rise in inches for every 12-inch length. You can categorize this into two: low slope and steep-slope.

Low slope roofing is often associated with commercial roofing, as most buildings have flat roof designs. Steep-slope roofing, on the other hand, often refers to residential roofing. This is mostly because many single-family homes feature some sort of pitch or slope to their roof.

Types of Steep-Slope Roofing Materials
Selection of roof materials is highly dependent on the slope. For steep-slope roofs, Garlock-French Corporation recommends the following options:

• Asphalt – This is the most popular type of roofing for residential homes, as it is durable and more economical than other materials.

• Tile – This material has been gaining in popularity over the years. Tiles are available in many styles, sizes, textures, and colors, giving character to any home.

• Slate – This is one of the most durable materials available, offering a life expectancy of 100 years. It can also increase the appearance of your home as it exhibits an elegant look.

• Cedar shakes and shingles – Like asphalt, these are traditional roofing options. They are most notable for their excellent resistance to decay.

• Metal – Metal roofing in Minneapolis is a popular choice among homeowners because of their low maintenance and environment-friendly properties.

Garlock-French Corporation is a trusted home improvement company, specializing in roofing services, as well as gutter installment and cleaning. If you’re having trouble picking the right material to use on your roof, turn to our experts. Depending on your roof slope, architectural style, and location, we can suggest the ideal roofing for your home. Give us a call at (612) 444-8900 or fill out our request form today.