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Slate Roofing: A Famous Roofing Material

Slate is a premium roofing material that’s widely considered as one of the few and true “lifetime roofs” alongside metal roofing. It’s a more durable alternative to asphalt shingles and tiles, and many famous buildings utilize this material due to its excellent strength and long lifespan.

Slate Roofing: A Famous Roofing Material

In this post, we talk about four famous buildings that use slate roofs. You’ll also learn the benefits of installing or switching to this roofing material.

The Church of the Latter Day Saints

This famous Mormon church in Salt Lake City, UT is at first, quite the typical Gothic church. With its very noticeable towers, it’s easy to miss that the majority of its sloped and flat roofs are made from slate. This is a good example of how practical the material is for larger buildings. Tile can grow brittle as its size increases, but the durability of state roofing doesn’t diminish no matter how large or wide it’s made.

The Rockefeller Residence

Also known as Kykuit, John D. Rockefeller’s estate in Mount Pleasant, NY, is situated at the highest point of Pocantico Hills and overlooks the Hudson River. It’s a historic home that was built back in 1913 and features an imposing and statuesque facade bordered by creeping vines and ornamental stale shingles.

The Oil Tycoon’s house still stands today and is open to the public as a museum. Even today, its brick-like slate roofing still looks brand new – a testament to the naturally long lifespan of the material.

The Cal Ripken Estate

This famous multi-million dollar mansion in Baltimore features a sprawling slate gable roof top. Although it appears grayish from afar, the roof is actually composed of slightly different but complementary colored tiles. Slate has an impressive color palette, comparable to asphalt, so it’s not uncommon to see slate roofs that have colors other than gray.

Cambridge University

This famous university in England looks straight out of the olden days with its baroque-esque architecture and church-like facade. It’s roof is prominently flat and bordered with pediments that give it good architectural detail.

Slate is a long-lasting material that’s durable, resilient and surprisingly versatile. While it has a slightly higher price, it’s a worthwhile investment if what you’re looking for is a true lifetime roofing system.

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