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Roofing Series: Benefits of Cedar Shake and Shingles

Different roofing materials provide different benefits for your home. That’s why it can be so tough to choose. Our Roofing Series will help you out. We’ll talk about the features and qualities of our materials selection, along with recommendations for which materials work well for which architectural styles.

image 1In this Roofing Series post, Garlock-French Corporation focuses on cedar shakes and shingles.

Distinctive And Traditional Appeal

Other roofing materials try to mimic it, but there’s no substitute for the natural beauty of authentic cedar shake and shingle roofing in St. Paul. As an organic material, it ages with the passage of time, imbuing your home with a sense of history. This roofing material has a distinctive appearance and is the ideal choice for many traditional home styles, like Queen Anne, Victorian, or Colonial. It also works well for gable, hip, and gambrel type roofs.

Durable And Long Lasting

Cedar is a durable kind of wood. With proper maintenance by a qualified roofing company like us, you can expect your cedar shake or shingle roof to last up to 40 years. We only use materials from top manufacturers, and our cedar shingles and shakes are pressure impregnated with a fire retardant. These are also resistant to decay. As cedar resists insects naturally, there are few threats to a cedar shake or shingle roof.

Environmentally Friendly And Energy-Efficient

Your choice in your Minneapolis roofing material can have a positive impact on the environment. Cedar is a renewable resource that manufacturers can harvest and process in a sustainable way. In addition, its long life span reduces the need for constant roof replacement, freeing up landfill space and reducing resource consumption.

Cedar also has numerous large cells that fill with air, making it an excellent insulator. This will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, reducing your reliance on utility systems to keep you comfortable. This can help save you money by lowering your energy consumption.

Cedar shakes and shingles provide one-of-a-kind aesthetic appeal and ample protection against the elements. Thanks to new technologies, manufacturers have updated this traditional material and it can now stand toe to toe against alternatives that are more modern. Garlock-French Corporation has been helping homeowners for over 80 years. We can provide quality roofs, roofing solutions and gutter services for virtually any home.

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