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Roofing Estimates: What’s In It?

Are you looking around for a contractor to get your roofing in Minneapolis done? If so, you’re probably getting a lot of proposals and estimates from contractors in the area. But the question is: do you know what a roofing estimate should include?

To help you with your hunt for the right contractor, Garlock-French Corporation, the leading Minneapolis roofing contractor, offers this list of items that a contractor’s estimate or proposal should include:

  • Roof Manufacturer, Type, and Color
    It’s your home and your investment on the line; of course you would definitely want to know what brand, type, and color of roofing the contractors will install on your home.
  • Included Materials
    There are other accessories and/or materials used in a roofing project such as underlayment, ice dam protection membrane, and others. You just have to know what’s included in your deal with the contractor so that you have an idea of what to expect for your reroofing project.
  • Scope of Work
    Needless to say, you must have the full details of what you and your contractor’s division of responsibilities will be a division of labor and obligation for you as a customer, and the contractor, as a roofer.
  • Installation Method
    This will tell you how the roofing installation will be done. Different installation methods can affect your projects’ final outcome.
  • Warranty Coverage
    You have to inspect this thoroughly. Check if the contractor offers both manufacturer and workmanship warranties. Also, beware of any clauses or events that could render your warranties null and void.
  • Payment Schemes
    Ask your contractor for a light and easy payment scheme that won’t put a hole in your pocket. The Garlock-French Corporation will work within your budget and even has special offers for new customers.

For all your roofing needs in the Twin Cities area, Garlock-French Corporation is the smartest choice. Just give us a call to get a free estimate on your next roofing project.