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Roofing 101: The Basics of Roofing Decks

Your roofing system is made up of various components. As such, your roof relies on each and every part to properly perform and function as these will in turn dictate how well your roof will hold up against the ravages of the elements.

Needless to say, every roofing component is vital, from the fasteners to the gutters.

Here’s why your roofing deck is such an important part of a roofing system.

What’s a Roof Decking?

A roof deck, also known as roof sheathing, acts as the foundation of the roof. It usually consists of a wooden material, such as plywood. The sheathing is where all the structural parts of the roof come together. Weather and waterproofing membranes are also adhered to the roof decking. Unfortunately, the structural integrity of a roof decking often goes unchecked until a roofing project takes place, at which point the damage might already be so severe that a sheathing replacement is in order.

Signs of Damaged Sheathing

You shouldn’t wait for your roofing or gutters to give out before you check the condition of your roof decking. Some signs that could indicate a compromised roof decking include sagging ceilings, leaks and patches of missing roofing shingles or tiles, among others. Seasoned roofers will also be able to detect sheathing damage if there’s a spongy feel when walking on the roof.

Maintaining Good Roof Decking

Ensuring that the roofing deck stays intact mostly depends on how well the sheathing has been installed. This means that your choice of roofing contractor plays a major role in the structural integrity of not just the sheathing, but also your entire roofing system as well. Of course, your choice is sheathing material also factors into the equation.If you’re looking for a reliable roofer, look no further than Garlock-French Corporation. We also install gutters. Call us today at (952) 473-1017 to learn more about our products and services. We serve Minneapolis, MN.