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Metal Roofing: The Sustainable Choice for Your Home

As more and more people become interested in sustainable living, the demand for products and services that cater this environment-friendly quality also continues to increase. Metal roofing in Minnesota, for instance, has become more popular than ever and continues to gain a good reputation because of its ecological benefits.

Environmental Benefits of Metal Roofs
Metal roofs are known to be fire-resistant, durable, and can last up to 50 years. Because of these characteristics, metal roofing has become the ultimate choice of homes situated in places where heavy rainstorms are frequently experienced. According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, the typical service life of a metal roof is believed to be twice or thrice as much as that of asphalt shingles. Because of this, you wouldn’t have to worry about recurring roof replacements, which means less waste—which is much better for the environment.

Nowadays, many metal roofs are designed for energy efficiency, such as what we offer here at Garlock-French Corporation.A special coating can even turn your energy-efficient metal roofs into cool roofs. A cool roof can reflect the sun’s harmful rays, which can mitigate the urban heat island effect. An urban heat island is an occurrence common to a city or urban area that is significantly warmer than its nearby rural areas.

Why Metal Roofs Are Perfect for Your Home
On top of the aforementioned environmental benefits, metal roofs are highly regarded for their all-out protection and fire resistance. Other major benefits of our metal roofs here at Garlock-French Corporation include the following:

  • A proven performance that lasts for a long period.
  • Our metal roofs are light in weight, which helps preserve a residential or commercial unit’s structural integrity. This means an increased lifespan for your home or building.
  • We have variety of styles, designs, colors, and sizes that you can choose from.
  • We offer diversity and quality. Our architectural systems include vertical panel, stone-coated metal, long horizontal panel, and shingle-type panel systems.
  • When installed by our professional roofers, our metal roofs achieve great wind resistance. The way our team installs the metal panels help keep them intact during high winds and heavy storms.

We are your metal roofing MN experts that don’t just install top-notch roofs but commit to environmental consciousness as well. You can turn to us for more sustainable roof options and services. Just call us today at (612) 722-7129, or send us a message.