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Metal Roofing: The Finest Choice

These days, there are a lot of options you can choose from when it comes to roofing materials. But when it’s time to replace your old roofing system, you might want to consider installing a new metal roofing in your home. Metal roofing is considered to better than other types of roofing systems, especially in certain situations. Discussed below are some of the qualities that make a metal roofing system perfect for your home.

• Long life expectancy
Roofing contractors in St. Paul, MN, can attest to the durability of metal roofing systems, especially when they are installed properly. A metal roof can last as long as the house itself and it excels at providing protection from harsh weather conditions. It functions specifically well during winter and it is resistant to fire. It also has high resistance against rot and insect infestation.

• Lightweight
A metal roof may give the impression of being heavy because of its name, but in reality, it doesn’t weigh as much as other roofing materials. It weighs less than 1/3 the weight of asphalt and 1/20 the weight of concrete.

• Made from recycled materials
Metal roofing is made from recycled steel and aluminum. Using metal roof, therefore, is an excellent way to promote green living and contribute to efforts to preserve the planet’s resources.

• Provides better insulation
Because of the coating on metal roofing, it can deflect 75% to 80% of the sun’s rays. This makes your home much cooler, especially in the summer months.

• Comes in different styles and colors
Every homeowner wants his home to look unique and beautiful. With metal roofing, you can have access to different roofing styles and colors to suit your preferences.

• Easy to maintain
Metal roofing does not require a lot of maintenance. In fact, it almost doesn’t need any.

Choosing metal roofing is a good way to increase the value of your home. With the numerous benefits it offers, it certainly is a great roofing choice.

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