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Metal Roofing Part 2: How to Choose the Right One

One of the reasons metal roofing has gained steam over the past decade is the new type of products that have hit the market. Gone are the days when metal was limited to the corrugated tin roofs traditionally found covering barns. Modern manufacturing techniques have given rise to more beautiful, durable, energy-efficient, fire-resistant, and lightweight varieties that appeal to different architectural styles.

Metal Roofing

To select the right metal roofing product for your home, the experts at Garlock-French Corporation share some tips:

Understand the Different Kinds of Metal

Metal roofs are generally made from steel and aluminum, but some products come in copper and other alloys. Every kind of metal has a unique set of properties, so it pays to scrutinize the one you are eyeing before you make the purchase. Some metals are impervious to corrosion, while others are stronger and more resistant to denting. The cost fluctuates among varieties, too.

Consider the Style of Your Home

When it comes to style, pay attention to your architecture. By and large, the vertical panel system only suits the aesthetic of modern architectural styles. Its honest, sleek, contemporary look may seem out of place on a Colonial home.

Fortunately, metal roofing products are now available in shake- and slate-like profiles. Shingle-type and stone-coated panels give traditional homes a more historically accurate appearance. They can masquerade as slate, Spanish tile, and wood shakes without costing and weighing as much as the original material.

Put a Premium on Color

Re-roofing with metal could eliminate the need for future roof replacement. In other words, you are most likely going to grow old with your new roof. If you’re going to live with it for the next 50 years, choose its color wisely.

Most experienced roofing contractors would advise you to pick a hue or a color scheme based on your home’s masonry. Unlike the trim, the brick siding and hardscapes are permanent architectural elements. The look of your roof should also round out your exterior design. If your existing one is already busy with multiple colors and patterns, use your metal roof to tone things down.

Turn to Garlock-French Corporation to crown your home with the right metal roofing system. If you’ve missed the first part of our special blog, go to our archive, and find a long list of insightful reads. To talk about your project in Minneapolis or St. Paul, MN, contact us today to get it started.