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Metal Roofing: Most Popular Materials on the Market

Metal makes for an excellent roof, but which kind of metal is the best? Garlock-French Corporation discusses the most popular choices on the market:

Metal Roofing: Most Popular Materials on the Market


Steel is a sought-after roofing option because of its sturdiness. Its exceptional durability allows it to stay in good condition with moderate impact from tree branches and hailstones. Galvanization adds rustproofing properties. Coating it with layers of zinc, epoxy primer and acrylic helps inhibit corrosion and gives it an attractive and durable surface finish. However, while it’s one of the most economical metal roofing materials, it needs regular maintenance to preserve its rust resistance.


Another affordable metal roofing option, aluminum’s advantage over steel is its lightweight construction. If your home can’t support a heavy roofing material, this is a smart choice. You can paint aluminum, allowing you to color it whatever you like to add more personality to your home. But since it’s relatively soft, it doesn’t share steel’s exceptional rigidity.

Stainless Steel

Like galvanized steel, stainless steel is protected against rust, except that its anti-corrosion qualities are natural. It may cost a bit more than ordinary steel, but it requires less help to stay in good shape over time. Thanks to its chromium content, this metal roofing option has a passive layer that heals itself without fail when in contact with humidity and water.

Stainless steel lends itself to soldering during winter, making installation a breeze despite the cold weather. Also, it is infinitely recyclable, which helps preserve precious resources. In fact, many stainless steel roofing systems are comprised of about 60% recycled metal.


Considered the premium metal roofing choice, copper is incredibly strong, desirably long lasting and unmistakably beautiful. Experienced roofing contractors will tell you that it doesn’t need a protective coating to last for decades without incurring severe structural damage. Plus, it develops a natural green patina over the years, allowing it to age gracefully and become lovelier with constant exposure to the weather.

Which metal roofing option is right for your home? Contact Garlock-French Corporation today to discuss your project needs in Minneapolis or St. Paul, MN.