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Important Tips for Building Hotel Roofs

While the roofing options already vary from one building to another, hotels, in particular, stand out for their very unique requirements. Hotels can vary from large national chains to small bed and breakfast establishments out in the country. Modern designers have been giving hotel roofing much thought, and with the number of new and additional uses we see in buildings all around, it shows that these commercial roofs are more versatile than what once was thought.

Extra Living Space

Hotels inhabit an odd niche in between commercial and residential roofing. On the one hand, flat commercial roofing systems are better-suited for these structures, but on the other, roofing contractors should also consider the roof as additional living space that can be used for other functions. These days, lofts and other high-rise buildings make use of converted flat roofs as extra amenities for their more affluent clientele.

Commercial Restaurants

It takes specialized and technical know-how to plan out a top-floor restaurant. Aside from choosing the right roofing materials that can handle a lot of foot traffic (even with protective covers), you should factor in the logistics of a fully operational business to make the right decisions.

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