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Important Steps for Your Roof Maintenance

Harsh weather conditions and time can take its toll on your roof, leaving it susceptible to problems, such as leaks and structural damage. To avoid problems and costly repairs, it’s important to schedule roof maintenance with your roofing contractors.

Regular roof maintenance should cover the general appearance of your roof, flashing condition and any roof penetration available. This allows your roofer to note the defects, possible causes of the problem and the recommended fix. When you schedule roof maintenance, don’t forget to include the following:

Experts advise conducting roof inspection at least twice every year: during the spring and fall. It’s also important to have regular maintenance and inspection after inclement weather conditions or major construction to detect problems as early as possible.

Dirt and debris can do more damage on your roof than you can imagine. Dirt can cause staining and reduce your roof’s visual appeal as they contribute to algae and mold buildup. Debris, on the other hand, can block the gutters, preventing water from flowing and causing leaks. Cleaning services for your slate or metal roofing can help you avoid such problems.

Unfortunately, your roof may still incur damage even if you’ve been diligent in its upkeep. Exposure to outdoor elements and weather conditions can put some strain on your roof. Shingles may become loose, and some parts may require replacing over time. In case the damage is extensive, some roofing contractors may recommend roof replacement.

Roof maintenance is every homeowner’s responsibility, but it’s not the type of work that you can DIY. It’s best to leave it to the experts. If you need assistance with your roof, our roofing team at Garlock-French Corporation is here to help. Call us at (612) 722-7129 in Minneapolis, (651) 429-2335 in White Bear Lake, or (952) 473-1017 in Minnetonka. We serve St. Paul, MN, and its surrounding communities.