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How White Roofing Makes Summer Less Intense

Wearing white clothing makes the summer heat more bearable. Painting your roofing system a light color has the same effect, which in turn is felt by building occupants.
How White Roofing Makes Summer Less Intense
Reflecting Infrared Light
Black objects absorb light in all wavelengths and turn it into heat, causing them to warm up under the sun. White objects are the total opposite because they reflect all wavelengths of light. As a result, their temperature does not increase as much.
White is the most inherently energy-efficient roof color there is.
Reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect
A heat island is formed when the surface temperature of an area is hotter than the air. As a consequence, the weather feels warmer than it actually is. This phenomenon also explains why rural locations are much cooler; they have far fewer heat-absorbing objects abundant in developed places.
Normally, a roof is a major contributor to the urban heat island effect. Research shows, however, that a reflective finish keeps its surface temperature low and close to that of outside air.
Moderating Air Conditioning Needs
As mentioned, the occupants of a building with a cool roof will find interior spaces less toasty. Reduced heat transfer in the roof can effectively decrease a property’s cooling requirements, which can translate into energy savings and consistent comfort.
White is not the only “cool” roof color out there, and Garlock-French Corporation will be happy to shed light on the others. To discuss your roofing or other home improvement needs like gutter cleaning, call us at (612) 722-7129 to schedule your consultation.