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How to Prioritize Indoor Air Quality During Roofing Work

A good home has to excel in two aspects: the first one being functionality while the other one is appearance. However, there are some instances where improving or working on one aspect will mean compromising the other.

For example, your roofing project might affect your indoor air quality (IAQ). So, how can you avoid IAQ problems during the roofing work?

How Does Roofing Affect IAQ?

IAQ refers to the state of the air within any building or property in relation to the wellbeing of the structure’s occupants. There are various factors that can negatively impact a building’s IAQ, but the majority of these factors include particulate pollutants. Since roofing projects often involve demolition work and the like, it’s very likely for your IAQ to be affected by the undertaking.

How to Avoid IAQ Problems

While there are some things that could go wrong during a roofing project that are beyond anyone’s control, there are also issues that can be avoided by taking precautionary measures. For example, you can consider using roofing products, such as paints and adhesives, that give off low amounts of volatile organic chemicals (VOC). If a major roofing project is underway, it’s better for you and your family to temporarily move out so you don’t inhale the fumes.

If, however, moving out is not an option, try to schedule the roofing job when there are no people at home like when the kids are in school or when you’re at work. You can consult your roofer regarding their protocol to ensure good IAQ even during a roofing project. Needless to say, your chosen roofing contractor plays a major role in keeping your home’s IAQ levels optimal.

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