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Home Improvement Questions to Ask Yourself

Planning to do a home improvement project soon? Even something as “simple” as a roofing replacement requires careful planning and a hefty upfront investment. Garlock-French Corporations discusses the questions you should ask yourself when doing any home improvement project.

Home Improvement
DIY or Hire the Pros?

It’s tempting to do the home improvement project on your own, especially if you feel that it’s easy to do with just a bit of hard work and elbow grease. But there are some projects that really need the experience of a professional. Installing or replacing gutters might seem simple, but it’s better to leave it to the pros since how it’s installed drastically affects its performance.

Roofing projects are another thing we suggest you leave to the pros. Roof repair and replacement is very tricky and complex work, and it has its own share of risks, too. Our team offers complete roofing services, and we’re happy to give you a free estimate on repair, replacements, or re roofing.

How Should I Schedule My Project?

Depending on what kind of project you’ll be undertaking, it can be done within the day or may take a couple of weeks. Regardless, it’s better that you properly schedule your home improvement project. For example, we suggest you do room additions during weekdays when the house isn’t busy. Roofing projects on the other hand should only be done when the weather is clear since rain can damage the new roofing.

Will My Insurance Cover It?

Your insurance company may cover the costs of your home improvement projects, but there may be conditions sometimes. For example, some insurance companies will only cover a roof repair if it’s done by a licensed roofer. When you work with us, we’ll communicate with your insurance company to ensure the success of your home improvement project.

Planning to remodel your home or install metal roofing? Give us a call at (612) 722-7129 for more information on our services. We offer complete roofing services throughout St. Paul, Minneapolis, and other parts of Minnesota.