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Handling Moisture on Low-Slope Commercial Roofs

It is the lack of waterproofing that cause the moisture problems in commercial roofs. This can lead to condensation, which can degrade the quality of your roof. In this article, Garlock-French Corporation talks about moisture problems that affect low-slope commercial roofing systems.

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Types of Moisture Present in Low-Slope Roofs

There are three kinds of moisture issues found in low-slope commercial roofing systems, and these are:

● Small Amount of Occupancy-Generated Moisture – This problem is common in retail and warehouse spaces. Warm air that goes up the building’s roof carries moisture that can cause condensation.

● Large Amount of Occupancy-Generated Moisture – Paper mills, laundries, and buildings with indoors swimming pools often have moisture issues. It helps the building if it has good ventilation, which our roofing in Minneapolis can provide. Consider implementing safety measures to prevent moisture and condensation upon construction.

● Construction-Related Moisture – Construction practices often release a significant amount of moisture in building space. This can be through drywall installation or painting.

Dealing with Moisture

Check your roof if it is in good condition. See if there are signs of leaks or moisture. If you decide to replace your roof, we can provide a roofing system that will keep moisture away. This will ensure comfort in your building while reducing your energy bills.

Our Services

Apart from dealing with moisture on your low-slope commercial roof, we also offer a wide range of quality products and services. As one of your reliable roofing contractors in Minneapolis, we offer residential roofs like asphalt shingles and metal roofs that will last long. Our asphalt shingles are easy to install and replace. These can also withstand strong winds. Our metal roofs can help keep your home cozy by reflecting heat that comes from the sun. We can also check and clean your gutters to ensure these do not cause you any headache in the future.

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