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Garlock-French Corporation: Insurance Coverage we Offer

We all know that getting a new roof installed is a big home improvement project as well as a huge investment. In a project such as this, there will be risks. You can’t just predict when and if accidents might occur. That’s the reason why it is smarter to always keep your bases covered; and insurance is one way of doing just that.

If you’re investing in metal roofing in Minnesota, make sure that the roofing contractor you’re going to hire has insurance and not just liability insurance coverage but workman’s compensation insurance as well. So what’s the difference between the two? Garlock-French Corporation, the leading roofer in the area, explains further:

General Liability Insurance

This basically covers any accidents that might happen during the entire project. We all know that one small accident could result in a costly lawsuit. That’s why this insurance coverage is important as it can and will protect you from a variety of claims including property damage and bodily injury. Therefore, in the event of an accident during your roofing project, General Liability Insurance will cover it and you won’t be held liable.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Big projects like metal roofing in MN not only put your property and even your neighbor’s property at risk of accidents but the crew themselves working on your roofing are also highly vulnerable to accidents. Should an accident occur while on a project in your home, the homeowner (you) could be asked to shoulder the medical and rehabilitation costs for that injured worker! However, if you hire a roofer who has Worker’s Compensation Insurance, it will cover not only the medical and rehabilitation costs but also provide compensation for the worker’s lost wages.

As you can see, these two insurance coverage types pretty much protect you completely against liabilities while the contractor is doing his job of providing you with the roof you want. In Minnesota, Garlock-French Corporation is the most trusted roofer with full insurance coverage. Just give us a call to learn more about our products and services.